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08 Nov 2019

Paris Photo Off 2019

As part of „Paris Photo Off“, Galerie Joseph Le Marais exhibited a selection of photos from the „Atlas of Humanity“ project ( I am involved in and contributed two pictures to the exhibition. Here are some impressions from the vernissage on 8.11.2019. Im Rahmen der „Paris Photo Off“ stellte die Galerie Joseph Le Marais eine Auswahl an Fotos des Projekts „Atlas of Humanity“ ( aus, an dem ich beteiligt bin und zwei Bilder zur Ausstellung beigesteuert habe. Anbei einige Impressionen […]

15 Dez 2018

Inspiration by Edward Weston and Ansel Adams

As I wrote in my previous post, as a photographer staying in Carmel-by-the-Sea, you can’t avoid the work of the famous colleagues Edward Weston and Ansel Adams. So they inspired me to photograph the local coastal region in their style. To what extent I have succeeded in stepping into their footsteps may be judged by others ­čśë Wie schon in meinem vorherigen Post geschrieben, kommt man als Fotograf bei einem Aufenthalt in Carmel-by-the-Sea nicht um die Arbeiten der ber├╝hmten Kollegen […]

13 Dez 2018

Photographic Art Galleries in Northern California

Yesterday, I visited a considerable number of galleries in San Francisco and got a hint from Scott Nichols – the friendly owner of the identically named gallery – to go to Carmel-By-The Sea for taking pictures and visiting some galleries there, too. I did so today and find myself following the footsteps of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams who spent the last part of their lives here. After again visiting two worth seeing galleries here, I want to share my […]

03 Nov 2017

Windhoek Fashion Week

So, as already assumed, I am back in Namibia again to meet my new friends here – and to visit the Windhoek Fashion Week! Johanna sent me a hint that everyone can apply for an accreditation last week and after I sent a link to my website to the organizer, I got it the next day. After having had a good flight with Ethiopian via addis Abeba, I met and surprised Martha and Lucy (model and make-up artist from the […]

02 Sep 2017

Calendar Shooting – Day Two

After the last night, my today’s awakening is somewhat stuttering. Anyway, I would have liked to sleep some hours more after the wake-up call at 6:30 am. But complaining doesn’t help – calendar shooting day two is scheduled! Our two make-up artists learned from yesterday and started much earlier with their work. So, the first two models Johanna and Rose are ready timely. Meanwhile I did a short test ride on the grey horse which accompanies our girls in two […]

01 Sep 2017

Time has come! Calendar Shooting – Day One

I get up at 6:40 to be ready in time for the first calendar shooting scheduled for 8am. Amazingly, I am the only one awake!? As time goes by, one after the other is crawling out of their beds. Also make-up takes longer than expected, so we start with a delay of two hours to the first marble quarry. It follows a very exhausting first shooting day under burning sun, but we all have lots of fun. In the end, […]

31 Aug 2017

First Model Shooting and Lots of Luck

I woke up quite early again and think about driving across the farm to find locations for the shooting with Martha planned for today. But Klaus asks me to do some filming of marble quarries with my drone. Unfortunately, even at the second quarry there is a false start of the drone because of a lack of even take-off sites. The drone slips down the uneven stone I tried to use for starting it and ends up with its camera […]

30 Aug 2017


When I ever wake up early at 6, I need to use this sunrise opportunity to take pictures of the surrounding of Christian’s home. It’s amazing! Absolute standalone location and neverending sight. Masses of paw prints around the house and twittering of birds – only disturbed by Mark’s snoring. Apart from the snoring, this is exactly how I imagine Africa. Before midday, I do a short walk with Christian to a waterhole that he is monitoring with an automtic camera. […]

29 Aug 2017

Flat Tyre, First Model & Photographers‘ Meeting

Deutsche Version weiter unten! Shortly after our today’s departure from Otjiwarongo we have a flat tyre. Here in Namibia a very common incident you should expect more than one time on a three weeks tour. However, we needed some tries and two car jacks until we were able to lift our Toyota Hilux enough to change the tyre – and it was only possible after draining some air from the spare wheel. Shortly after 1pm, we pick up our model […]

28 Aug 2017

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Deutsche Version weiter unten! As I did a blog post yesterday, there are very few things to mention from today. Because the two guys who are on tour with me wanted to go to a hotel again instead of sleeping in the tent and so I have a quite good Internet connecion again, I will use this chance. The only topic for today was to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Because I love cheetahs so much, I originally planned to […]