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29 Aug 2017

Flat Tyre, First Model & Photographers‘ Meeting

Deutsche Version weiter unten! Shortly after our today’s departure from Otjiwarongo we have a flat tyre. Here in Namibia a very common incident you should expect more than one time on a three weeks tour. However, we needed some tries and two car jacks until we were able to lift our Toyota Hilux enough to change the tyre – and it was only possible after draining some air from the spare wheel. Shortly after 1pm, we pick up our model […]

28 Aug 2017

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Deutsche Version weiter unten! As I did a blog post yesterday, there are very few things to mention from today. Because the two guys who are on tour with me wanted to go to a hotel again instead of sleeping in the tent and so I have a quite good Internet connecion again, I will use this chance. The only topic for today was to visit the Cheetah Conservation Fund. Because I love cheetahs so much, I originally planned to […]

27 Aug 2017


English version will follow! Auf die bisher kälteste Nacht im Dachzelt folgte am Freitag (25.8.2017) ein entspannter Morgen, weil wohl jedem bewusst war, dass wir sowieso nicht wie geplant um 8 Uhr Richtung Etosha loskommen. Ich habe die Zeit genutzt, um einige Fotos von der Farm zu machen, bevor es nach dem Frühstück wieder ins Drenam-Büro nach Karibib ging, wo wir uns mit der wunderhübschen 17-jährigen Fabiola trafen, die bei dem Kalenderprojekt gern als Model dabei sein möchte und von […]

27 Aug 2017

Timelapse Namibia: Farm „Mon Repos“ 1

As already mentioned, here is my first timelapse video of the Milky Way from Namibia. Wie angekündigt, hier noch die Nachlieferung meines ersten Zeitraffervideos der Milchstraße über Namibia.

24 Aug 2017

Farm „Mon Repos“ / Karibib

English version will follow! Mit dem Internetzugang gestaltet es sich schwieriger als gedacht. Auf der Farm, auf der ich mich zur Zeit aufhalte, geht in der Hinsicht gar nichts. Heute habe ich das Glück, dass ich im Büro der hier ansässigen Firma des Farmeigentümers sitzen kann. Vorgestern nach der Landung in Windhoek und einem ziemlichen Fußmarsch vom Rollfeld zum Terminal konnte ich den kleinsten internationalen Flughafen begutachten, den ich bisher gesehen habe. Und was ich ja gar nicht erwartet hatte: […]

22 Aug 2017

JND – Joburg Airport

Deutsche Version weiter unten! Night flights in economy class are really horror for me. After having slept approx. 3 hours, at least I could sleep another hour while the transfer at the gate at Johannesburg Airport. Fortunately, I had an exciting talk with the guy sitting beside me in the plane. Although I am wondering who arranged that I as an animal-rights activist and vegetarian sit side-by-side to a hunter from Denmark on his way to an 8-day hunting trip […]

21 Aug 2017

MUC – Munich Airport

Deutsche Version weiter unten! Contrary to my sommon practice, I arrived much too early at the airport today because I assume some discussions at the checkin counter about my 26 kg suitcase and over 20 kg of hand luggage. Apart from that, this air trip starts as usual (see picture). 🙂 But this time, I’m drinking my beer still in the public area and not after the security control because the checkin counter for my flight is still not open. […]

19 Aug 2017

Wenn es Krieg gibt, gehen wir in die Wüste

Deutsche Version weiter unten! „WTF? Why does this guy present a book here that has nothing to do with photography?“, I can hear some readers thinking. Apart from this blog being a photography blog mainly, but not exclusively, this post is the beginning of the travelogue of my imminent visit to Nambia. And on this trip, photography will certainly be the main point. I will try to report from this journey whenever an Internet connection makes it possible. Let’s talk […]

17 Aug 2017

„The Countess“ in PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine

In the current issue of PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine, you can find one of my pictures again. This time it’s „The Countess“. Unfortunately, the editorial guys added a little typing error to my name…. In der aktuellen Ausgabe des PHOTOGRAPHIE-Magazins ist mal wieder eines meiner Fotos zu finden – diesmal „The Countess“. Leider haben die Nasenbären aus der Redaktion bei meinem Namen diesmal einen kleinen Tippfehler eingebaut…. 🙂  

15 Aug 2017

Step Into My World!

Deutsche Version weiter unten! It’s done: After the redesign took longer than expected, my new website is finally online. Therefore a very exceptional warm Welcome today! What’s new compared to my old website? There are three changes that were really important to me: The photographs (which are the main part of this web presence) are much larger than before and can be viewed in fullscreen mode. There is a blog that I will try to update regularly with new posts. […]