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Juni 2020
Foto 'Californian Field' von Kai Rogler

Publication in PHOTOGRAPHIE Mag

In the current issue of the PHOTOGRAPHIE magazine 7-8/2020 one of my pictures was published once again. Here is the (true) story about it that is printed beside the photo: A journey into the history of photography. Following the footsteps of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, professional photographer Kai...
Leica M Monochrom

Leica M Monochrom

If you know me, you know that I’m not particularly brand loyal in principle and usually buy or use the products that seem to make the most sense for a certain purpose – whether it’s vehicles, clothing or cameras. As a result, I have worked with or at least...
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Time has come! Calendar Shooting – Day One

I get up at 6:40 to be ready in time for the first calendar shooting scheduled for 8am. Amazingly, I am the only one awake!? As time goes by, one after the other is crawling out of their beds. Also make-up takes longer than expected, so we start with...
August 2017

First Model Shooting and Lots of Luck

I woke up quite early again and think about driving across the farm to find locations for the shooting with Martha planned for today. But Klaus asks me to do some filming of marble quarries with my drone. Unfortunately, even at the second quarry there is a false start...

Timelapse Namibia: Farm „Mon Repos“ 1

As already mentioned, here is my first timelapse video of the Milky Way from Namibia. Wie angekündigt, hier noch die Nachlieferung meines ersten Zeitraffervideos der Milchstraße über Namibia.

MUC – Munich Airport

Deutsche Version weiter unten! Contrary to my sommon practice, I arrived much too early at the airport today because I assume some discussions at the checkin counter about my 26 kg suitcase and over 20 kg of hand luggage. Apart from that, this air trip starts as usual (see...

Wenn es Krieg gibt, gehen wir in die Wüste

Deutsche Version weiter unten! „WTF? Why does this guy present a book here that has nothing to do with photography?“, I can hear some readers thinking. Apart from this blog being a photography blog mainly, but not exclusively, this post is the beginning of the travelogue of my imminent...

„The Countess“ in PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine

In the current issue of PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazine, you can find one of my pictures again. This time it’s „The Countess“. Unfortunately, the editorial guys added a little typing error to my name…. In der aktuellen Ausgabe des PHOTOGRAPHIE-Magazins ist mal wieder eines meiner Fotos zu finden – diesmal „The...

Step Into My World!

Deutsche Version weiter unten! It’s done: After the redesign took longer than expected, my new website is finally online. Therefore a very exceptional warm Welcome today! What’s new compared to my old website? There are three changes that were really important to me: The photographs (which are the main...